Business Report: how many Americans pay income taxes?

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - NPR commissioned a poll.  They asked people to guess what percentage of Americans pay no income tax. Four options were offered: 11%, 27%, 45% and 63%.  70% guessed the two lower options. Most guessed 11%. Actually, it's 45% - 45% of Americans have zero or negative income tax.

What about taxes paid by the rich?

For the highest earners, the percent of federal income taxes they pay now is significantly higher than it was in 1980 – true or false? The answer is, it depends. The share of income taxes paid by the wealthy is higher, because the rich have gotten richer. But their tax rate has gone down.

True or false: 75% of federal revenues comes from personal income taxes. Roughly half of respondents guessed true. It isn't. Less than half of federal revenue comes from personal income taxes.

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