Business Report: US states getting the most Chinese investments

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - In 16 years the Chinese have invested $109 billion in America. Most of it has been in the last two or three years. But which states are getting this investment?

Four states haven't seen a dime: New Mexico, Vermont, and the Dakotas. California got $26 billion investment from more than 400 deals. No other state comes close.

New York had 120 deals collectively topped $15 billion. After that – no, not Texas – Illinois, Kentucky and Virginia, all around $9 billion. Texas trailed all of them with $7 billion. Then North Carolina with under $5 billion. Then Michigan and Oklahoma around $4 billion

In Hawaii, eight deals totaled $880 million, a lot for a small state. Hawaii got more Chinese investment than Washington state, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, Utah or Colorado. We got more than Wisconsin or Missouri or New Jersey or Pennsylvania or Maryland.

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