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Local Connection: Airport Incompetence

Out of complete frustration, Hawaiian Airlines has now finally stepped in to manage construction of the huge new hanger facility at the airport.

It's the latest evidence that the state is not competent to handle big projects. The stalled airport modernization plan is an embarrassment, obvious to millions of visitors, and more than inconvenient and uncomfortable to residents.

The legislature is strongly considering setting up an airport authority with an expert CEO.  That should reduce the red tape for construction and ensure people who know about airports are in charge. But the main benefit to an airport authority would be removing this essential facility from the whims of politicians.

Construction of the Hawaiian Airlines' hanger has spanned the tenure of three governors with each administration demanding a fresh look, causing delays.  

Projects are also often stalled waiting for approval by our part-time legislators. Politicians are also very reluctant to fire their appointees who make multi-million dollar mistakes, because that would require them having to admit they made a mistake.

Assuming the airport authority gets past the opposition of public worker unions, a concept similar to this could be worth using for other big projects.

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