Fan takes on huge project involving every member of Baseball Hall of Fame

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Ralph Carhart is a huge baseball fan.  So much so, he has decided to take on a huge project that involves every single member of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

'The Hall Ball' is a baseball that Carhart has taken across the nation to be photographed with all the members of the Baseball Hall of Fame, alive and dead.  His journey has led him here to Hawaii, where he will photograph the ball with the Final Deceased Hall of Famer - Alexander Cartwright. The project has taken him 7 years to get to this point, and he still has 14 living members left to track down.

You can find a complete story of the genesis of the project as well as blogs about some of Carhart's travels, and the Hall of Famers' photographs with The Hall Ball at

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