Hawaii weightlifters prepare for World Masters Games

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - 8  Hawaii Weightlifters are traveling to New Zealand for the 2017 World Masters Games.
    It's sort of like the Olympics for older athletes. We talked to 2 of them.

Billy Shreve and Cristy Tamanaha are both competitive. they train at the same gym..."Taken Not Given." But when they actually lift...they're very different.

Billy is a little loud.

Cristy tends to be quieter.
But both will tell you it's technique...not emotion that leads to success.

"It's not so much anger it's just. It's just that desire to be successful at it, to do well," says Billy.

Cristy says she's constantly thinking about her form.
"I think long arms, finish with the legs and I mean all the technique plays through my head when I grab the bar," she says. "I'm thinking where my feet go, where my head goes I'm thinking ok when you pull you're going to have to have your chest up. Everything with technique plays in my head and I hope what plays in my head transfers to my body."

Here's how the competition works.
Cristy and Billy will compete in 2 lifts...the snatch and the clean-and-jerk.
They're best lift for each movement will be added together giving them a final score.
Billy is hoping for a combined score of 290 kilograms...which would be about 640 pounds.
This is his 2nd time competing at the World Masters Games. He finished 5th overall in 2015.

"You train for months and months on end for hours and hours and you get 6 minutes on a platform and you have to perform and the pressure's there to do well but when you get on the platform it all kinda disappears," says Billy. "You focus on the weight."
Cristy is a proud 52 years old...and is competing internationally for the first time.
Keep in mind they spend 3-4 hours a day in the gym...5 days a week...and she has to balance work and 3 kids.

"My oldest is 30," says Cristy. "She's here on the island. I have 2 more under that, a 20 and a 17. As busy as I am, I was a single mom, I still found time to exercise and I'm uber competitive."

She's hoping to lift a combined 100 kilograms or more than 220 pounds.

"I just hope people my age will go out there and say if she can do it, I can do it and that's what I try to strive," says Cristy.

Training has been extra intense going into the competition.
That means lots of weights banging around...and loud music.
Billy loves his hard rock.
And Cristy?

"What is it called?" she asks as she looks back towards a small crowd of her fellow weightlifters.
"Hip hop or what do they call that trunk music? Trap music. See, that's just, that's my age. See, there you go. That's my age showing right there. Trap music. That's what I like. "

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