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Hawaii protesters: 'No US bombs on Syria'

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HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

Dozens of protesters stood in front of the federal building on Ala Moana Boulevard Monday to demonstrate against the recent attack on Syria.

Amid the different signs was one unified message: War is not the answer.

Protesters are upset about last Thursday's attack on a Syrian air base, ordered by President Donald Trump without Congressional approval.

They fear the missile strikes will lead to another disastrous regime change war.

"These wars of intervention don't make us safer in fact, they make us less safe," said one protester, Will Caron. 

"As young, politically-engaged motivated people, we do not support the suffering of other people to try and further peace," said another proteseor, Randy Gonce. "Those two things don't coincide together."

Gonce is a military veteran and one of the rally organizers with the group Young Progressives Demanding Action.

They also delivered letters to representatives of Hawaii Congressmembers Brian Schatz and Tulsi Gabbard, who have also been demanding the president consult with Congress.

"I think if we take the side of peace and take the side of non-intervention and not compounding the issue by throwing more bombs on it, then we can always see a resolution that can come out with the least loss of life," Gonce said. 

Since the attack, President Trump has been largely silent, but the White House on Monday threatened more military action if innocent civilians continue to be killed.

Hawaii's Republicans support it.

"We can put our heads in the sand and do nothing, but if we do nothing we are still going to be affected," said Hawaii Republican Party Chair Fritz Rohlfing. "We support him and hope that he can find a way to stop the suffering of the people in the Middle East."

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