Mother on vacation pinned between cars in hit-and-run at Kahala Mall

Police are on the hunt for a hit-and-run driver accused of causing a crash at Kahala Mall that pinned a young mother between two cars — right in front of her family.

The incident happened at around 6:30 p.m. Sunday in a parking lot outside the Kahala Whole Foods.

Mall security guards say they did not capture the alleged hit-and-run on video, so it's still unclear exactly what happened.

Police say the 35-year-old woman, her husband and the couple's two young children are visitors from Japan.

Witnesses say the woman had just strapped her babies into their car seats when a white SUV slammed into the back of woman's Nissan.

"I heard a loud crash and a woman scream," said witness Scott Plater.

Paramedics say the mother from Japan suffered serious injuries in the crash and remains hospitalized.

Plater was pulling into the parking lot when he spotted the white SUV. He said there was a woman behind the wheel.

"I saw maybe four or five guys chasing after the vehicle as it was weaving through the lot," he said. "It had a lot of damage to the rear passenger side."

Plater followed the woman as she drove in a circle around the mall.

"I called 911 and attempted to give dispatch the information as to where this car was," he said. "We took a right up to Harding (Avenue), and all of a sudden she just gunned it."

Police say they have the car's license plate number; the vehicle has not been reported stolen.

While the visitor recovers in the hospital, with her husband by her side, the Visitor Aloha Society of Hawaii is helping to take care of the couple's young children.

"They are doing all they can to get through this. The good news is the children were strapped in," said Jessica Lani Rich, of VASH. "And thank goodness for that."

The couple had planned to leave the islands Thursday. It's unclear if that departure is still possible.

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