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Local Boy Guy Yamamoto Reflects on Masters and Being Mentioned in Tiger's New Book

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Steve - 22 years ago Guy Yamamoto was at Augusta National, not watching the Masters, playing it...living the dream. Guy joins us now. He actually runs Mililani Golf Course. Take us back to 1995. What was that experience like? What were you feeling before you teed off?

Guy - It was a dream come true. So exciting to be there among all the people and the famous players and just to be part of it was incredible.

Steve - You mentioned those famous players. One of them was one Tiger Woods, a 19-year-old Tiger Woods, before he went off in 1997. What did you see in him? What was it like just to be able to talk to him and rub shoulders with him?

Guy - He was very self-confident. Courteous. His father raised him the right way. But you knew he was going to be destined for greatness.

Steve - Pretty incredible. You're mentioned in the book. What's that like that he remembered you?

Guy - Surprised. I thought by this time I was a forgotten subtitle in the back of the book. But it was nice to be mentioned and being that it was both our rookie years at the Masters was pretty special time.

Steve - He was the amateur champ. So he was with you in the Crow's Nest where all the amateurs hung out. How much did you interact with him?

Guy - Just a little bit. We both had busy schedules. We were trying to practice and get ready. And for me I try to take everything in as well. We crossed each other at dinners and at the amateur functions. But it was fun. It was a fun week.

Steve - What happened the first day? I believe it was the Thursday. You said the weather played a factor.

Guy - It was really beautiful the whole week and then a storm front moved in on Thursday. It rained the whole day and it was cold. I played the whole day in a rain suit for the first time ever. But you know it was part of the experience. It was a fun week. 

Steve - What is it about the Masters? There's so much prestige. Whenever we talk about the more difficult course it's always the British. But for some reason there's an allure about the Masters and Augusta National that it just sets itself apart from all the other tournaments.

Guy - It's the only major that's played at the same course every year. So I think people have a familiarity about it. They know the history because they see it every year. People just become very familiar with the golf course.

Steve - You were taking pictures with all the big name golfers. Was it odd. Did people say you had the wrong approach to it that you weren't in it to win it?

Guy - You know, of course you're trying to win, quote-unquote and for me I was hoping at least to make the 36-hole cut. But it was just to live the experience and with the thought that perhaps this might be my one and only shot at it. And hopefully not of course. You try to think positive. But in reality I was 33 years old and working at a golf course. It was just a special week for me.

Steve - How are things here in Mililani?

Guy - I think we are investing a lot of money in the course. We've spent a little over 3 million dollars here to redo the irrigation and purchase some equipment, plant grass, get it back to it's old glory. If you haven't been here in awhile you should come out and check it out. You'd be surprised to see what's transpired.

Steve - Who are you watching this week?

Guy - I like to watch the whole tournament. I like Jordan Speith a lot. He's not the longest golfer. But he's accurate and well-mannered. I think he's a good representation for the young golfers today.

Steve - Local boy, UH grad, Guy Yamamoto running things at Mililani Golf Course. Thanks for joining us. We'll be right back. You're watching Sunrise on Hawaii News Now.

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