Dreams interpreted: What closets and fish represent

Dreams interpreted: What closets and fish represent

Dream expert Paul Unkrur appeared on Sunrise. Our first dreamer, Chris Peterson said, "I dreamed that I was in this closet that was tall like a silo. I was very closed-in and crowded. And there were shelves on both sides of me. And I was reaching fro something on the top shelf. And when I did, the shelves along side of me, everything just came falling down like an avalanche and I was trapped up to with just my head was sticking out."

Paul said that closet usually represent our emotions or our sexuality. In this case, it seems that Chris has been holding onto a secret or some part of her that she was afraid to share. That's why she's in a closet. She expected the worst and that's why all the junk piled up and then fell on her. However, since her head was out and she was fine, it turned out that revealing her secret wasn't as bad as she thought it would be.

Here's the second part of Chris' dream. She said, "About a month ago, I had another dream about a closet. And I had just put all this stuff back into my closet. But when I went to look, it was almost empty.There were only four or fives things still there. And I had a good feeling about it. Like when you clean your car or giveaway stuff to the Goodwill."

Paul said this show that she has cleaned out her emotional closet. That's why she feels so good about her dream. It was a stress reliever to get that emotional burden off her chest.

Our last dream comes to us from Pedro Haro who said, "So the other night I had a dream that I was just sitting in my house. Unexpectedly I saw this thing on the ground and when I went to go pick it up it turned out to be a Japanese fighting fish. And I thought, 'how did a fish get into my house'. I went to get a cup and by the time I came back it had turned into a blow fish. Then, from a blow fish, it turned into an octopus. And I was really kind of excited and scared at the same time. It was just sort of unexpected and weird. By the end of the dream, I realized I was dreaming - so then I kind of decided it would be more interesting if there were spiders. So I made the turn into spiders. It was a neat experience but I don't know what it means."

Paul believes that there was something "fishy" going on in Pedro's life. The closer he looked at it, the bigger the issue became. In the end though, Pedro showed that he is a lucid dreamer since he was able to control the images in his mind.

If you have a dream you would like to share, send a short video to PaulUnkrur@yahoo.com.

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