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Report: Hawaii taxpayers don't get much 'return' for their investment

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HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

There's a give and take with taxes.

Taxpayers hand over a chunk over cash to the government every year and expect some things in return -- good roads, schools and services.

But those taxypayer-funded services aren't the same in every state, and a new analysis concludes that Hawaii taxpayers are getting a pretty raw deal.

The WalletHub analysis ranked Hawaii 49th in the nation for taxpayer return on investment. 

While the total amount of taxes paid per capita is lower than other states, the analysis found, the state also ranked low in "overall government services."

Specifically, Hawaii ranked low when it came to education, the economy, and infrastructure.

The state ranked 48th in the nation, for example for the state of its roads and bridges.

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