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Actor Jack Black jokes that filming in Hawaii was 'pure hell'

(Image: Dwayne Johnson/Instagram) (Image: Dwayne Johnson/Instagram)
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA (HawaiiNewsNow) -

Sure, Leonardo DiCaprio waded through freezing waters, stomped through snow and fought a bear for "The Revenant."

But that's nothing compared to what actors Jack Black and Dwayne Johnson suffered through in the rainforests of Hawaii while filming for "Jumanji," the two joked Monday at CinemaCon in Las Vegas.

"It sounds like, 'Oh, man, that must have been paradise. How fun was that?' The truth is it was pure hell," said Black, who kept a straight face through the joke. "Because if you go deep in the jungles of the Hawaiian islands, in the nooks and crannies, it's pretty hellish: the mosquitoes, the heat, the hellish terrain."

He added, in pure Jack Black style, "A lot of people make a big deal about how awesome it was that Leonardo DiCaprio braved the ice-cold tundra in "The Revenant." Well, I don't want to hear his whining. You try to make a movie in Hawaii! I don't want to hear it, DiCap."

Johnson is the executive producer for "Jumanji," set to hit theaters in December, and also stars in the film alongside Black.

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