Sunrise Shape Up: Vasper System

Sunrise Shape Up: Vasper System

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The VASPER system, which stands for Vascular Performance, is a fitness machine designed to enhance your performance while working out.  Designed by Peter Wizowski, who is based in California on the NASA base,  VASPER was originally designed for the medical field.

Compression cuffs on your upper arms and your lower quads and an on-board cooling system helps to hold on to lactic acid in a compression base. But what it does, is it triggers endorphins, triggers testosterone, growth hormone, all those beneficial things. The cooling system keeps you cool. You don't sweat. You feel that burn in the muscles but it eliminates the wear-and-tear on the joints and you get the benefits of it.

With the VASPER, you can actually elicit some muscle growth, but it is more for supplementing muscle growth. So with the lifting, and doing the VASPER, all the good stuff that gets flooded into your body, it can actually accelerate the muscle growth. As for the cardiovascular performance, by doing the intervals and being able to push yourself beyond the normal limits as it were, you start to enhance your results a lot faster.

The VASPER System is only available at Clark Hatch Fitness. If you would like to know more information, or schedule an appointment visit

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