'Little library' in Kailua appears to have been stolen

'Little library' in Kailua appears to have been stolen
(image: Hawaii News Now)
(image: Hawaii News Now)
(image: Hawaii News Now)
(image: Hawaii News Now)

KAILUA, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A "Little Free Library" appears to have been stolen in Kailua.

Hawaii News Now reported on the libraries last week. And within days, Claire Cutler's mom says she noticed their box of books was missing from outside their Ainoni Street home around 10 a.m. Saturday.

Claire said she was surprised when her mother told her the news.

"And disappointed that someone would do that. Because again, they're not gonna get that much out of it, and they're taking it away from a lot of people," Claire said.

Claire is a junior at Punahou School who loves to read. She and her father, Keith, thought the little library idea -- a box of books, where people were free to take and replace them -- would be a great way to promote learning and encourage reading among kids and adults in their neighborhood.

They popped their little library up last May. Since then, Keith said there has been lots of positive feedback from adults and kids in their community.

"It's too bad because it's not really our Little Free Library, it's the neighborhood's Little Free Library," Keith said. "It's really fun when you're here and you see kids come and bring books or take books. So it's really too bad for the neighborhood."

Regardless of the apparent crime, Claire hopes the unfortunate incident can still promote her cause.

"Having it come back would be great. But if people saw it on the news and started their own, that would be really awesome," said Claire.

Claire says that in addition to the container and the "Little Free Library" placard, nine adult books and five children books were taken.

She said if you have it, or know where it is, to please return it -- no questions asked.

"Bring it back. Just put it here and leave it and that would be awesome," she says.

The Cutlers have posted a sign near their mailbox explaining to everyone what happened, thanking neighbors for their support, and promising the community they will be putting a new, more secure, Little Free Library up very soon.

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