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Pele turns off popular Kamokuna 'lava hose' once again

(Image: Kalapana Cultural Tours) (Image: Kalapana Cultural Tours)

The popular 'lava hose' at Kilauea's Kamokuna ocean entry is no longer spewing molten rock into the ocean, according to geologists with the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory. 

The natural attraction on Hawaii Island, which gained international acclaim for its unique manner of depositing lava into the Pacific Ocean, disappeared at some point last week.

"During Friday's inspection of the lava entry are the geologists were not able to see the lava hose pouring directly into the ocean," said Steve Brantley, HVO Deputy Scientist. 

Experts say the formation of a new delta at the site of the firehose is the likely culprit behind the slowing of the stream.

"The formation of a lava delta tends to inhibit an active lava stream from pouring directly on to the delta or into the ocean," said Brantley. "Instead, the lava surface cools and a tube tends to build up and form from the sea cliff on to the lava delta."

Earlier this year, a sea cliff collapse appeared to have ended the firehose flow, though the entry was visible again within a few days.

The collapse highlighted the danger thrillseekers face when getting too close to the flow. When the flow itself is no longer visible, despite plumes of steam indicating lava was still entering the ocean, visitors tend to get a little closer to the area.

Geologists say they have not been out to the viewing area since Friday, though they are planning another trip there some time this week.

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