Hawaiian Airlines' new menu features Hilo Chef Simeon

Hawaiian Airlines has a new menu; Executive Chef Chai Chaowasaree still does the menu for international flights and flights headed from North America to Hawaii.  If you are outbound from Hawaii to North American there will be 5 chefs that will be featured from now till the end of 2017.

One of those chefs is Hilo boy and star Chef Sheldon Simeon.  The meals are available on first class flights from Honolulu to the mainland.  One of Hawaii Magazine's Top 5 Best Hawaiian Chefs of 2014, Chef Sheldon Simeon love of cooking has taken him from his hometown of Hilo all the way to Bravo's Top Chef as a competitor in both Season 10 and Season 14. He is now the owner and Executive Chef of Tin Roof Maui, where he welcomes guests with his distinctively playful, unexpected take on classic dishes.  Chef Sheldon also has a restaurant, called the "Tin Roof" on Maui.

Chef Simeon says that food that he grew up with inspires the food that he makes at his restaurant "Tin Roof Maui", and some of the best items will be on the Hawaiian Airlines menu.  But he also says that he thinks of what "Aunty would like to help inspire her to pull that lucky slot machine arm, or just be lucky" as they make their way to Las Vegas, or food that will help soothe the "inside of their eyes" and make the opu happy; meaning food that will comfort them and help them rest during a potentially long flight.

His new menu has already started as of March 1st; he says his menu items require more flavor due to a 40 percent decrease in taste buds at that altitude, he uses local ingredients, mochiko chicken sandwich on board pays homage to his #1 seller at Tin Roof Maui.

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