Local Connection: Kupuna Caregivers Assitance Bill

Hawaii is aging faster than any other state. By 2020 nearly 300,000 people in Hawaii will be over 65. That's a fact. Our aging kupuna need help with daily living.

That's where Hawaii's army of dedicated, unpaid family caregivers come into the picture. Many of them are juggling work and caregiving, and it's taking its toll.

Caregiving is a labor of love. But it's also affecting the well-being of family caregivers as they try to sustain income-generating jobs while caring for loved ones. It is affecting businesses that are losing good employees prematurely.

We need more trained caregivers in Hawaii to give families some respite. All over the nation, we are working with communities to build a care infrastructure that can serve us well into the future.

A care infrastructure: that's an innovative idea. Typically infrastructure refers to roads and bridges. But offering $70 a day so families can hire trained caregivers to help meet their care needs: that kind of infrastructure could be a saving lifeline.

The Kupuna Caregivers Assistance bill is a breakthrough bill that saves the state money and support families --a win-win! Now we need you to tell your legislators to make the Kupuna Caregivers Assistance bill a priority this session.

The bill will help families. It will be good for the economy. And it reflects Hawaii's values.

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