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Vet on Set: Canine separation anxiety

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We often have to leave our dogs at home by themselves for long periods of time.  But in doing so, it may cause some problems such as stress and anxiety.  A symptom of anxiety may include destructive behavior when left alone.  They may also defecate, urinate, bark, howl, chew, dig and try to escape.  Some dogs may become depressed and anxious.  Recent studies have shown dogs getting grey hairs on their face due to stress.

For puppies, training them in a large crate for short periods of time may be helpful.  Be sure that there is food, water and toys in the crate - make it a "happy" place.  Start with short periods of time and start to increase the time periods.  If you have active play before crating them, they will normally be more calm prior to crating and will go in wanting to rest.  For many dogs that were crated when they were young, they think of the crate as a safe haven.

For dogs that have separation anxiety, the treatment is multimodal, in other words, you need to do many multiple things to make them relax when they are away.

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