Mililani woman stages personal 'campaign' to find missing dog

MILILANI, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - An Oahu woman has started a personal campaign to find a four-legged family member. And others are joining in.

Elizabeth Kronig has become a familiar figure during rush hour around Mililani Mauka. She's been on the side of the road, often Meheula Parkway, holding a sign with a picture of her dog, who vanished during a thunderstorm Feb. 27.

"If he's out there I want to look for him," Kronig said. "I would do that for a child."

Kronig believes that her dog, Koa, is out there. She's been preparing hundreds of flyers with pictures and information about her best friend, going door to door and searching the area.

Most people would say that's more than enough. But Kronig decided to take a page from the local political campaign playbook.

"Politicians! That's what I love in Hawaii," she said. "They stand on the corner in the traffic. And I decided to do that because it really reaches people."

So that's how she ended up holding the large sign on the side of the road in the Mililani area. It's her own campaign to find Koa and bring him home.

"I get up at 6:30. By 7, I'm either in a school entrance or in a high-traffic intersection with my sign," she said. "I just want to reach the most people that I can."

Kronig has been doing this every day for more than two weeks to find Koa. The 9-year-old Lhasa Apso is the first dog for the former military family, once Kronig's husband retired to Hawaii after a typical career that involved lots of moving.

Kronig has filed a police report to cover her bases, in case someone may have stolen the dog. She's also offering a $500 reward, and said she just wants Koa back at home, no questions asked.

Many people -- Kronig calls them "angels" -- have donated signs, banners and other materials in the effort to find the dog. And last Friday evening, more than a dozen people -- and their four-legged best friends -- joined Kronig on the side of the road to sign-wave.

Why go through all this effort?

"I still have hope that he's out there somewhere, or somebody has him, and that's family to us," Kronig explained.

"We want him back."

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