Prosecutors drop rape, kidnapping charges against former UH football player

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Prosecutors have dismissed rape and kidnapping charges against a former University of Hawaii football player accused of cyberstalking his former girlfriend.

Joseph Uglietto, 25, agreed to plead no contest to charges of harassment by stalking, violating a protective order, violating the terms of his probation and using a computer to further a crime.

"It was clear that she was never forced, never kidnapped and never sexually assaulted," his attorney Myles Breiner said.

The charges were dismissed after Breiner provided prosecutors with security camera videos from Uglietto's apartment building that the two going up the elevator together the day the alleged assault happened.

It also shows the woman arrived and leaving Uglietto's apartment on her own, undermining her story that she was coerced, Breiner said.

But prosecutors said they still believed that the assaults occurred. They said the woman decided to drop the case because she didn't want to relive the trauma during a trial.

"The video surveillance only shows (them) going up and down in the elevator and has no bearing on what happened in that apartment that night," said deputy Prosecutor Loren Haugen. "Is it unfathomable that a victim of sex assault or domestic violence doesn't want to come to court and be re victimized?"

Uglietto could have faced up to 20 years behind bars for the original charges.

But under the plea deal, the maximum jail time is five years; he's likely to get probation.

The case has already cost him his career as a stock broker.

"He had a great job in a local financial firm here in town and the police literally arrested him in front of his employers and friends," Breiner said.

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