Forecast: Trade winds to gradually return

(Image: Michael DeCero)
(Image: Michael DeCero)

The trade winds will ease back into our lives today.

A weak cold front with widely scattered showers is crossing Oahu this morning and moving over Maui County. Behind it, light northerly winds will fill in and bring us cooler, drier air. The front will continue across the state and clear the islands by tonight. Once the trades are fully established, they will strengthen to the breezy category by Sunday and stick with us through all of next week.

High today in Honolulu will be 80 degrees.

Surf is small today, but a trio of swells will bring advisories this weekend to north, west and east shores.

Surf sizes today will be 4-7 feet north, 3-5 feet west, 1-3 feet east and south. No marine or weather advisories are posted.

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