State finds Kauai's bee population buzzing and booming

State finds Kauai's bee population buzzing and booming

LIHUE, Hawaii (AP) - State officials say Kauai's honeybee population is strong and healthy.

The Garden Island reports the Hawaii Board of Agriculture has declared the island's bee population strong after studying factors like year-round forging and a high level of honey production.

The state's Bee Pollen Study was completed last year, and a report is expected to be released soon. Board of Agriculture Chairman Scott Enright highlighted some of the study's results to the Economic Development and Intergovernmental Relations Committee on Wednesday.

The agency conducted a bee pollen study in 2014 after the Kauai County Council passed a resolution to establish a grant within the Office of Economic Development that allowed beekeepers to test pollen for the presence of pesticides and other threats.

Enright said some pest control products were found in most samples, but not in high concentrations.

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