Forecast: Hang on! The trade winds are almost here!

(Image: Aaron Eskaran)
(Image: Aaron Eskaran)

This will hopefully be our last hot, humid, and hazy day for awhile. Cooling trade winds are in the forecast for tomorrow, the weekend, and beyond.

Today, it's once again light and variable winds with sea breezes developing this afternoon. A few clouds and showers will likely form over interior and leeward neighborhoods.

High in Honolulu today will be a sticky 81 degrees.

Surf is way down all around. A series of swells from the NW, NNE, and WNW will create advisory sized waves at different times over the weekend for east, north, and west shores. Stay with us on-air, on-line, and on the Weather Now app for the very latest.

Here's today's surf forecast: North 2-4 feet, East, West, and South 1-3 feet.

No marine or weather advisories are posted.

- Dan Cooke

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