Business Report: What different guests want at a resort hotel

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - There is a fascinating story in Travel Weekly magazine about the Outrigger resort in the Maldives. Let's start by reminding ourselves where the Maldives are.  A string of tiny islands makes its living catering to affluent guests from the Middle East, Russia, Europe and America. Most people have to take at least two flights and one boat ride to get to the Outrigger resort there. When you get there, it's a tiny island with rooms on land and rooms over the water.

What's fascinating is the difference between what different guests want. Europeans and Russians stay on the beach. Americans stay over the water. Middle Eastern guests like the beach IF they get vegetation at their back for privacy. Dining habits are different. The Chinese dine early, then the Americans, then Europeans. The Chinese like excursions. Europeans prefer spas.

But this isn't just a Maldives thing. This is a hotel thing.

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