Raising home ownership levels in Hawaii

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Only 20% of Hawaii homeowners are 35 or younger, making Hawaii the lowest in the nation for young home owners.  The study evaluated the housing markets in all 50 states taking into consideration affordability, inventory levels, lending environment, and home ownership among 35-year-olds and the job market.

"The young just don't own homes in Hawaii," noted Claes Bell, an analyst at Bankrate.

In response, Hawaii HomeOwnership Center announced their homeownership success rate in this age group.  Dennis Oshiro, Executive Director said, "Since 2009 we've assisted 822 households to become homeowners.  In that period, 56.8% or, 467 home buyer families were at or under 35 years of age.  Interestingly, our buyer age range was from 20 to 80 years.  Regardless of age, and in spite of high real estate prices, homeownership is still attainable through early preparation and the right coaching.

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