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Sex trafficking of children in national spotlight on 'Hawaii Five-0'

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Episode 719 Puka'ana of the CBS show Hawaii 5-0 brings the issue of sex trafficking in Hawaii into the national spotlight. Ho'ola Na Pua met with Hawaii 5-0 executive producers Peter Lenkov and Bryan Spicer in 2016 to share about the issue of child sex trafficking in Hawaii. Ho'ola Na Pua was hopeful the CBS team would participate in creating PSA’s to help spread awareness about the issue. Peter and Bryan from CBS suggested additionally that an episode of Hawaii 5-0 should contain a fictionalized version of a sex trafficking story. The organic partnership was embraced by CBS and we are excited to have helped bring this important episode to life. We want the focus to be on the issue of sex trafficking and how we as a community can come together to build a response.

Founder Jessica Munoz, Co-Founder Aaron Schnobrich and Development Director Jovanna Giannasio-Fern were on set during filming as technical consultants. The story told is fictional but much of the story is based on true events; true stories of girls who have been sex trafficked in Hawaii. Grace Park’s character Kono comes face to face with the reality of sex trafficking and fights for the capture of the pimp and treatment for the survivor Moani, played by Jane Doe.

Alex O'Loughlin, Daniel Dae Kim, Grace Park, and Chi McBride were asked and volunteered to be in PSAs that would raise awareness about sex trafficking and Ho'ola Na Pua. These PSAs were created to educate the public that sex trafficking of children exists, it is happening in Hawai?i, and we can do something to fight it.

Sex trafficking in Hawaii and around the Unites States takes many forms. Key Point, when a person is induced by force, fraud, or coercion, to perform a commercial sex act or when the person induced to perform such act is not 18 years old, sex trafficking of children has occurred.

Pearl Haven is one element of Ho?ola Na Pua’s Health Program. Pearl Haven will be a residential treatment campus that offers comprehensive treatment to girls who have been trafficked. Pearl Haven needs to be renovated to open.

Ho?ola Na Pua also offers a Starfish Mentorship Program for at-risk youth and girls who have been victimized as well as a Family Support Group and a in school education and prevention program. 

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