Movie Review: Oscar Winners

Three of Oscar night's most honored movies, LA LA LAND, MOONLIGHT, and MANCHESTER BY THE SEA, are still showing in Oahu theaters, and I urge you to see them on the big screen while you still can, especially LA LA LAND.

I don't usually gush about movies, but I loved watching LA LA LAND.  If you haven't seen it yet, you're missing what I think is the most entertaining film of 2016.

Don't wait for the video. This movie's Oscar winning cinematography deserves to be seen on a big screen.

Emma singing: Here's to the ones who dream, foolish as they may see. Here's to the hearts that ache. Here's to the mess we make.

This exuberant movie manages to blend an emotionally realistic love story with high flying fantasy in a way that feels natural.

LA LA LAND  won six Academy Awards and when the final credits roll, chances are you'll be applauding along with the rest of the audience.

The ultra low budget film, MOONLIGHT, was the surprising winner of best picture on Oscar night. It's a delicate, quietly powerful movie about a gay boy who grows up in the public housing projects of Miami, Florida.

The film is in three sections with three different actors playing the main character: first as a ten year old, next as a teenager, and finally as a young adult.

Mahershala Ali won best supporting actor for his role as a drug dealer who becomes an unlikely father figure to the unhappy ten year old.

Juan: At some point you gotta decide for yourself who you wanna be. Can't let nobody make that decision for you.

MOONLIGHT is about longing and heartache often expressed without words.

Randi: I said a lot of terrible things to you. My heart was broken and I know yours was broken.

Lee: No you don't understand; there's nothing there.

In MANCHESTER BY THE SEA Casey Afleck plays the troubled Lee, a janitor who has withdrawn from life after a terrible tragedy that occurred some years before.

Now he's asked to take care of his sixteen year old nephew, the son of his brother who's just died. He knows he has to do it, but he struggles to find a way. And his performance is so masterful, it earned him the Best Actor Academy Award.

This quiet masterpiece of a movie also won for best original screenplay.

Terry Hunter, Hawaii News Now.