Kurt Suzuki Gets Tough for Trucker Dukes

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Major league baseball star Kurt Suzuki is trying to help 3-year-old Trucker Dukes. Dukes is battling Neuroblastoma. Kurt wanted to do something special for him so he got a number of his colleagues to post pictures with their "tough" faces. We talked to him on Sunrise today. Here's what he had to say.

"You hear about this story. You contact the family. What moved you? What was the first thing you though of when you hear about what trucker was going through? I just thought about our family. Just though about my son is the same age as Trucker and you know I couldn't image, um you know what the family is going through. And you know I've just you know, I just felt like it was just you know, my thing was just I wanted to help. I don't know what it was. Maybe god was pulling me to help the family and um, you know, just something that you know, Rene my wife and I felt strongly to do is we wanted to help.It just led us to this and now we're trying to do everything we can to help spread the word across the world. yeah, you know and I look at the video, I mean you got, you got everybody. I mean you got Albert Pujols...Oh Yeah! What was the response initially when you told any one of these players. Just how happy were they to jump on board with this project. Oh, it was right off the bat. it was crazy the responses. I mean I text Bryce Harper, Matt Holiday and Ian Desmond you know right away and there was ...Yeah anything, anything. What can I do to help. You know, I'll help you whatever way we can. I think we were just gonna start out small and do like a little collage and it turned into a huge thing where we got 60, I think over 60 players. And big name players too. Future hall of famers. And um it just kinda turned huge. We were just so amazed and grateful for all the support that we got. How can we help? Team trucker dot-org. You can go and donate www.teamtrucker.org. And you know, they're not a family that's asking for all this money. They just want to raise awareness. And they want everyone to know, everyone that supports them around the world in Hawaii that they appreciate everything that everybody has been doing for them. they just want to spread awareness. The four percent that the NCI, national cancer institute alots to pediatric cancer is way to low. It's pretty unbelievable how low that percentage is. They want to raise awareness so you know for future things that pop up like this. there are families that get that, the right treatment that they need. And I think that is there big thing is they just want to raise awareness. They want to spread the word you know across the nation of how this can be helped."

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