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What's trending - US State Department, how not to coach kids and feeling Friday

(Image: Facebook: Mary Adams Elliott) (Image: Facebook: Mary Adams Elliott)

In "What's Trending" today, Howard tells us about the magazine "The Atlantic". It takes an inside look at the State Department. Thousands of diplomats, analysts and aides at State’s "C" Street headquarters have nothing to do. President Trump fired almost the whole top management, emptying out the seventh floor. Construction workers have been rearranging senior offices behind tarps. The lobby is empty for a lack of meetings. The cafeteria is full of people nursing coffees. Ambassadors around the world, getting no guidance, read White House briefing transcripts for clues. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s choice for deputy, an experienced Bush era official, was rejected by President Trump. Secretary Tillerson instead got a Trump transition worker who helped guide him through confirmation. She’s Margaret Peterlin, a former Republican Congressional aide who then worked in the patent office. The Atlantic says she’s ordered all communication with Tillerson to go through her. A new State spokesman denies it. Speaking of State spokesmen, the daily news briefing at State stopped when Trump was sworn in, but they are set to resume next week.

Steve shares video of how you should NOT coach a kids' basketball team. Take a look and you'll see that it seems to be going well, but then the ball gets passed to player number 2. Keep your eyes on the coach in the white button down and the tie and see what he does when he sees his player about to shoot on the wrong basket. Bam! He knocks it out of his hand the poor kid falls down.

Grace shares some footage showing what it feels like when Friday finally rolls around.

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