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Dreams interpreted - birthday wish and no fear

Dream expert Paul Unkrur appeared on Sunrise to interpret more dreams. 

The first one came from Korree Kiszken. She said,"I had a about a guy who I'm talking to. He sent me a birthday card in the mail. It was in a plain white envelop when I opened it. And there was cursive writing written everywhere. Tons of it. And when I looked on the left hand side I noticed that there was a sketch of like an olive branch and then possibly some hearts and on the right hand side um he signed his name under the word love. When he wrote the word 'love' it was written very unevenly. And it was very bold. And I remember thinking to myself he and I hadn't talk about the card. And then I felt bad and I wondered, did I even wish him a happy birthday?" 

Paul said that the card symbolizes the communication between Korree and the man in her dream. Paul believes that because the cursive writing is not clear on the card, that may represent the fact that the man is not being clear in his message. Perhaps his behavior and actions are not congruent with his words. He recommends trying to improve dialogue between the two people or to ask better questions so that Korree can have clearer answers.

Carolyn Golojuch said, "I had this dream that my husband and I were moving and we had to take our bikes and get them attached to the car. On the way to the shop I ended up on the side of a hill that had no hand rails. And it was sort of muddy. And I saw ahead of me a ledge. And I'd have to walk around the ledge. And there wasn't any place to walk around so that meant I had to go through the ledge. And none of my earthly fears were with me. It was just, I had to get through that. In fact, I turned around and wanted Mike to hurry up because we had to get to this store to get the bike parts."

Paul said that the car represents the journey that you may be embarking on. Carolyn is sure of how to get where she is going and knows how to get there. She even knows that she wants to bring her husband along, that's why she has no fear. However, the bicycle in the dream often symbolizes that one should maintain balance in life. That may be what's lacking for Carolyn. She needs to add balance during her journey with her husband.

If you have a dream, email PaulUnkrur@yahoo.com.

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