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Hawaii bill on commercial fishing industry dies

(Image: Hawaii News Now/file) (Image: Hawaii News Now/file)

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HONOLULU (AP) - A Hawaii bill seeking to change the way commercial fishing licenses are granted has died after industry representatives told lawmakers it would wreck the industry.

State Sen. Brian Taniguchi says the goal of the bill which sought more oversight of the fishing industry is the role of the federal government, not the state.

Two committees deferred the bill indefinitely Wednesday, killing it for the legislative session.

The bill sought to restrict commercial fishing licenses to people who are legally allowed to enter the U.S. It also would have required fishing license applicants to appear in person.

A House bill to require collecting fishermen's contracts is still alive, but faces a legislative deadline.

An Associated Press investigation found some foreign fishermen were working without most basic labor protections while catching premium seafood.

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