Business Report: Foreign parts in domestic cars

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Recently, we showed you a drawing of a Boeing jet assembled in South Carolina and pointed how many components come from other countries. The point was, "Made in America" is more complicated than it looks. This morning's chart shows the percentage of U.S. or Canadian parts in cars assembled in America.

GM and Chrysler rely heavily on parts from Mexico. Ford, too, but less so, especially for its trucks. Interestingly one of the U.S.-assembled cars with the most North American parts is the Honda Civic. President Trump has proposed a 20% import tax.  That would add a couple grand to the price tag of most cars. But the Porsche Cayenne would go from less than 60k to more than 70k.  A Toyota Land Cruiser would go from 85 to 100 thousand dollars, assuming the cost is entirely passed through to the consumer.

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