Local Connection: Farm to School

Local connection: Farm to School

Earlier this month, we took a look at Governor Ige's initiative to double local food production by 2020. Until we see the data, we'll never know how attainable this goal is.

However, rest assured, there are boots on the ground bringing us closer to a more realistic future for agriculture.

Who's leading this push?

It's the farmers who cultivate the crops, the chefs who work with local products and the students who will continue their 
legacies. These people bring us closer towards a balanced ratio of food that stays in the islands versus food that is exported.

Through their stewardship, we're seeing more grassroots movements that support the growth in popularity of Hawaiis farmers. For example, Hawaii Agricultural Foundation's Localicious Hawaii campaign dedicates all of March to celebrate restaurants that use farm-fresh fare and to raise funds for ag education.

The result: a higher percentage of consumers are skipping the big box retailers and going straight to the source.

It's the dawn of a new age of local food. Please support Hawaii's farm-to-school programs, know where your food comes from and help us spread the word.

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