Business Report: College malarkey course

SEATTLE, Wash.(HawaiiNewsNow) - America is so aroil with contested factuality, academe has responded. A course is being offered at the University of Washington - "Calling Malarkey in the Age of Big Data." Actually it's not called Malarkey. It's called something else. I think you know what.

The actual word is right there in the syllabus. The professors cleared it with the UW administration. In fact, the word that is not "malarkey" appears 26 times in the syllabus. I counted.

The syllabus had 20,000 visitors the first night. The 160-student class was full the first day.

Carl Bergstrom says "Calling Malarkey" comes from years of grumbling about inflated claims, manipulated algorithms and twisted interpretations of scientific research.

Lectures will be posted online and other schools can copy the class for free.

The syllabus says, while malarkey may reach its apogee in the political domain, the course will focus instead on malarkey that comes clad in the trappings of scholarly discourse.

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