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Beloved Kailua music teacher wants return of 11 stolen ukulele

Beverly Allen | Image: Hawaii News Now Beverly Allen | Image: Hawaii News Now
KAILUA, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

Beverly Allen has a long history of loving the ukulele.

She has shared her love of the instrument with hundreds of students over the years, leading several ukulele choirs during her career as a music teacher at Le Jardin Academy.

Allen had a dozen ukulele ready for private lessons with students, the instruments tucked away in a corner next to the kitchen.

Late Thursday night, long after she and her husband had returned home from an evening out, she noticed something wrong.

"My ukuleles are always in that corner by the kitchen," she said. "So then I went to look at them, and I couldn't believe it."

Someone had taken nearly all of the valuable instruments.

"They were gone. And I walked in over there, this side, and there it was. One was in the corner."

In all, seven Kamaka standard ukulele, a Kamaka concert ukulele with a pick up, a Kamaka concert without a pickup, and a Martin standard ukulele were taken, together worth $11,700. 

Just one Kamaka was left. She and her husband believe it may have been because the thief knew she was a music teacher.

I thought it was nice of them. But then I thought, no, that's not," Allen said. "I thought it was thoughtful, and it could be somebody that I helped to play the ukulele. I hope not."

Whoever took the instruments knew exactly where to look. Nothing else in the home was taken or disturbed, and all the doors were still locked and the windows appeared to be untouched.

"We went all around to see whether anything had been opened or something," she said. "Nothing."

Allen and her husband have lived in the home for more than 50 years. It has no surveillance cameras. She said her neighbors didn't hear or see anything.

Allen said the ukulele were in cases, which were likely discarded. 

"On the cases, many of them, because I travel, it says 'Allen' on it. Or there's stickers from the travels. I would think they'd dispose of that, so I was hoping that somewhere somebody would find a case or something. Or cases laying around."

Honolulu Police have opened a first-degree burglary investigation.

As she holds on to the one remaining ukulele, she remains hopeful about having the others return home, no questions asked.

"Today I'm better, because I have faith in people," she said. "I think something good must be going to happen from this."

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