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SmartMoney Monday: Renovations for your enjoyment

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

Everyone thinks renovating their home will add value. But sometimes the cost of the renovation will exceed the value it adds to the home. They might add enjoyment for you while you live there, but they might not necessarily add value when it comes time to sell. You may want to consider other parts of the house that also need upgrading.

So, if you are concerned with adding value to your home, consistency of renovations throughout the house is important. However, if your main objective is renovating for your family's enjoyment, rather than to add maximum value to your home, then it's not as important. Before renovating, you should consult with your realtor and/or an architect or contractor to determine what impact the renovation will have on the value of your home and whether or not you feel that the renovation will be worth the cost.

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