What does an Oscar nominated German film have in common with a new animated movie about Batman?

Both are based on clever ideas. And they both should have been better.

If you haven't yet seen HIDDEN FIGURES, LION, or LA LA LAND, three of this year's best picture nominees, you still can catch them in theaters.

All of them are better than TONI ERDMANN, the Oscar nominated German movie film.

And I'm sorry to say that THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE isn't nearly as good as the original Lego film from a couple of years ago.

Hey, Mom. Hey, Dad. I saved the city again today.

Will Arnett as Batman/Bruce Wayne has the perfect voice for this lonely hero who's always been a vigilante.

Bruce Wayne: What is your problem with Batman?

Police Commissioner: I'm not a Batman hater but we don't need an unsupervised adult man, karate chopping poor people in a Halloween costume. We need to take what's good about Batman and marry it to actual laws and proper ethics and accountability.

The movie is a clever spoof of the Batman franchise.

Dick Grayson: My name could be Robin.

Batman: I'm sorry. Say that again.

Dick: Robin.

Batman: As in the small midwestern frail bird.

Dick: Yeah, and I already have a hash tag: Tweet, Tweet, on the street.

But what makes this overly long animation less than satisfying is its frantic pace and nearly non-stop action. It's like a potentially excellent meal that's been overcooked.


Father: I've hired a substitute daughter.

Daughter: Great, she can call you on your birthday so I don't need to.

TONI ERDMANN is a German comedy-drama about a retired father who can't get through to his workaholic adult daughter.

So he dons an ugly wig and some gnarly teeth and pretends to be a consultant. The goofy disguise fools nobody, but when he approaches people where his daughter works, they're amused.

Ines: Are you insane? You want to ruin me or what? Dad, I'm talking to you.

Winfried/Toni: If this is about your father, I'm not the right man. But if you want on work on your charisma, or if you notice you're talking to no one on the phone, you're welcome to contact me. Any time.

The actors do justice to the delightful premise, but the pace is too slow, and the movie goes on for two hours and forty minutes.

Terry Hunter, Hawaii News Now.