What's Trending: Monopoly, seal puppy, Thor

In "what's trending" today, Howard tells us about the changes that are coming to the game of Monopoly. The four railroads of the original game – real railroads all serving Philadelphia – are gone. The iron token gave way to a cat four years ago. Now, the thimble is going away, too, though Hasbro hasn't yet said what will replace it. A thimble protects someone's finger while sewing. You use it to push a needle and thread through fabric. Your other hand is underneath to make sure it comes all the way through. That's the underhand, and that's where the term underhanded comes from. But let's face it, not so many people sew any more, even if they know how. Maybe the thimble will be replaced by something modern, like a dinosaur.

Grace tells us about a seal that acts more like a puppy. A kayaker in Scotland took video of a seal that he saw in an estuary called the First of Forth. He tells it to go away and not to chew anything. But the seal doesn't heed his warning, making himself comfortable on the front part of the kayak. It looks very cute and manages not to tip any of the boaters over.

Steve shows us a clip of actor Chris Hemsworth playing his role of Thor in real life. He demonstrates why Thor is the worse roommate ever because of his lack of understanding of real world problems in a hilarious way.

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