Business Report: 2/17/17

Business Report: 2/17/17

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Monday is the last day to file general excise tax returns, but the state is late mailing out forms. You can get them online from the state Department of Taxation. The forms are G45 and G49.

HPU partners with Island Pacific Academy to let students of all ages earn college credits in Kapolei with HPU professors. First two classes, starting next month - Intro to Business and Intro to Psych.

Happening today, an invitation-only party for customers and vendors of DRFortress, the Internet access data center near Honolulu airport - the former Pihana Pacific connects most of the state's major businesses to the Web.

Today is the last day of online registration for the next meeting of the Hawaii Information Community and Technology Association – HICTA to its friends. The speaker, Tuesday at the Pacific Club, Hawaiian Telcom's Mike Miranda.

Honolulu Coffee Company is expanding, so it's not surprising to see a "Coming soon" sign. But this sign is in Vancouver! Thanks to Vancouver viewer Colin Clarke for sending the photo. He adds, btw, that there is a poke joint on that same block.

With HPR switching programming around, "Howard's Day Off" will be on at its usual time tomorrow morning, but on HPR-2 instead of HPR-1. This is also the first weekend of rebroadcasting the show. So it airs 5-7 a.m. Saturday, 5-7 p.m. Sunday.

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