Local Connection: NCAA Sanctions

Local Connection: NCAA Sanctions

The university of Hawaii basketball team is once again dramatically exceeding expectations.

The team is in the middle of the standings in the Big West Conference despite preseason predictions that losing so many of its premier players would spell disaster. Adding to that, the yet to be resolved NCAA sanctions would cripple the teams ability to succeed.

But the team under its young coach Eran Ganot is once again teaching a life lesson for all of us.

They could have just laid down and given up after a couple of major blow outs early in the season.  But instead they have worked hard, adapted, learned and turned their challenges into inspiration.  We can only hope that the NCAA, as it considers long-delayed sanctions, is influenced by the strength and quality of the revamped program.
Meanwhile, together with the success of the Rainbow football program - which also overcame a lot of challenges last season, there is a lot to be proud of in Manoa - and all across our state.

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