Movie Review: PATERSON

Actor Adam Driver is best known for his work in big budget Star Wars movies and the HBO series called GIRLS.

But he also appears in small, low budget films like PATERSON, where he plays a bus driver who also writes poetry.

PATERSON is a quiet movie that celebrates ordinary life.

There's very little drama in this film; instead, it's a week in the life of a bus driving poet and his high spirited, stay-at-home wife.

Many people will find PATERSON boring, but others will experience a calming, almost meditative effect. The director, Jim Jarmusch, sees PATERSON as an antidote to the fast paced intensity of most mainstream entertainment.

Paterson: I go through trillions of molecules that move aside to make way for me. While on both sides, trillions more stay where they are.

Adam Driver is Paterson, a bus driver with with the same name as the city in New Jersey where he works.

Paterson: I knock off work, have a beer at the bar. I look down at the glass and feel glad.

He writes very simple prose poems in a notebook and follows the  same routines every day.

He loves and supports his wife, Laura, and she does the same for him.

Laura: How was your day?

Paterson: The usual.

Laura: Did you get any writing done?

Paterson: Yeah I did a little, yeah. Working on a poem for you.

Laura: A love poem?

Paterson: I guess if it's for you, it's a love poem.

This bit of dialogue is typical of what you'll hear throughout this gentle movie.

Not much happens. There's a bus breakdown, a confrontation in a bar, and the couple's English bulldog acts up a little. But that's about it. The point  is to make us understand that ordinary daily life should be savored.

We overhear conversations on the bus the way Paterson does, and each interaction feels a lot like real life.

When he meets a young girl on the street of his not-so-good neighborhood, she turns out to be a poet.

Girl: Would you like to hear one?

Paterson: Sure, sure.

Girl: It doesn't really rhyme though.

Paterson: That's OK. I kind of like them better when they don't.

Girl: Yeah, me too. This one's called "Water Falls." Two words though.

You can probably tell from these clips whether this movie is on your wavelength or not.

If you're the kind of person who can be happy just sitting on a bench and looking at a waterfall, you might give PATERSON a try.

Terry Hunter, Hawaii News Now.