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Trending - Trump & Putin, "Trumpgator", Husky Photobomb, Baldwin vs. Fallon

In "What's Trending?" today, Howard explains the latest on the relationship of President Trump and Russia leader Vladimir Putin. Russia is under U.S. economic sanctions after seizing Crimea from Ukraine, and backing rebels in  Ukraine's eastern region. Congress doesn't want to ease those sanctions. The European allies don't want that, either. So there was concern when Mike Flynn, President Trump's national security advisor, had a series of phone calls with the Russian ambassador. One concern was when it happened - after Trump was elected but before he actually became president. But the even greater concern was that Trump, who kept saying he could work with Putin, would revisit those sanctions. So it was reassuring when Mike Flynn said that subject never came up in his calls with the Russian ambassador. But now the Washington Post, citing unnamed current and former U.S. officials, reports it DID come up. And Flynn now says he no longer remembers one way or the other.

Steve tells us about an alligator taking social media by storm. The 4-5-foot gator was spotted in South Carolina. But after the jokes about too much self-tanning also got people wondering...what caused that orange discoloration? Some suggested he may have eaten too many Cheetos. But, an alligator biologist at the University of Florida says it's not genetic. Something in the gator's environment has stained it, possibly rust from some debris.

Grace shared a story about Siberian Husky named Tuatom which means boiled peanut. He's named after the popular street snack in Thailand, according to the Daily Mirror. While he seems desperate to get the perfect angle and shot, it turns out the owner has a treat in her lap. And that may be the real reason he stays so close.

Finally, Ben Gutierrez, our special guest of the day, showed an epic impression battle between Actor Alec Baldwin and Tonight Show Host Jimmy Fallon. The two were playing the game 'Box of Lies' and they were trying to impersonate President Trump. Baldwin tried to convince Fallon he had a banana burrito in the box. But Fallon caught him in a lie. It was actually a Chewbacca mask wearing a blond wig.

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