Local Connection: Charter Schools

Last week we told you the story of a charter school on windward Oahu that has been rendered nearly inaccessible because of weather damage to its only entry road.

If that happened to a regular public school, there would be outrage and action.

Instead the families and friends of the 157 students had a pothole patching party.

It's an example of how our state has allowed our charter schools to remain second-class citizens. They get money to educate students, but nothing to provide adequate facilities.

There is consensus that charter schools are an important feature of our public school system – offering alternatives to families and studying new and innovative ideas. For the native Hawaiian community, charter schools are playing a major role in the renaissance of a proud and important culture.

President Trump's nominee for Education Secretary is a huge champion of charter schools.

Assuming she is confirmed, our Board of Education and state legislature better hope that she doesn't see what is happening here. They could be forced to finally recognize that our charter schools deserve both respect and resources.

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