Geeks talk Snapchat IPO, Amazon Echo and flying Uber cars

Geeks talk Snapchat IPO, Amazon Echo and flying Uber cars

Ryan Ozawa and Burt Lum joined Dan Cooke for this edition of Geek Beat. Is the Snapchat Initial Public Offering really worth $25 billion? That would be two times bigger than Facebook's IPO and 4 times the size of Google's when it went public. Snapchat argues that its sales increased 600% last year, but it also lost more than $500 million. It has yet to turn a profit, but it's a hugely popular app. Will investors buy in? Burt and Ryan say we will have to see and if they do, it will be the biggest tech IPO ever.

The Amazon Echo and the Dot are improving because software developers are programming it to do a lot more. Every week, new skills are being added to the smart speakers. Burt said that includes city services. For example, if you wanted to know where to get your  license renewed, it will be able to tell you that.

The sci-fi dream could be coming true. Forget self-driving cars. Uber has hired a NASA engineer to develop flying cars. Uber believes it could have a working model within 5 years, but Ryan pointed out that because of the red tape involved in regulating them, it will likely take much longer.

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