Max Speed: Soccer Star Lives up to His Name

Max Speed: Soccer Star Lives up to His Name

This clip was put together by international soccer website Dream Team FC. It got posted on the Dream Team Facebook account and boom!
It got 189-thousand views and almost 5 thousand likes.
His father Jermaine created an Instagram account to post video of Max. It has more than 30-thousand followers...

"You don't always have to be the best player, but people have to know that you're out there," said Max's mom Sandra Serrano. "And so we do have social media accounts for him that we manage and we do try to promote that a lot, just to try to get his name out there and to have opportunities like playing overseas that he wouldn't have access to otherwise. So we spend time on that, and he just plays soccer."

Speaking of those opportunities Max travelled to England this year to play in an international competition. He was invited by a team in New Jersey that saw his clips on social media.
This year alone he's also played in tournaments in Texas, California and Washington.
So putting his name out there works. And let's be honest the name "Max Speed" will get you a lot of attention.
And yes it is his real name.

"I think the name helps," laughs his dad Jermaine Speed. "We told him when he was young, please be fast at anything. Right? We just can't handle the irony."

Don't worry Dad!
Max is doing great.
Which is a relief to his parents Jermaine and Sandra.
4 years ago Max was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.

"I didn't know what it was," said Max. "I was hoping it wasn't anything too bad."

So his lifestyle has changed, his diet has changed. He eats much less sugar. In fact he gives away his candy on holidays like Halloween and Valentine's Day.
Now he's helping other children with diabetes.

Max put together a video answering questions other kids may have. He has also helped fundraise $30-thousand dollars for the American Diabetes Association over the past 4 years.
The 5th grader at Aikahi Elementary...has games on the weekends...and practices 5 days a week. Then there's the extra.

Max describes what he might do by himself. "I like throwing down cones in a straight line and just like dribbling through them and then at the end of it I'll just do a big cone and then I'll make a move around that and take a shot. Or sometimes I'll do sprinting drills where I just put cones down and sprint around those cones a lot."

His goals are to one day eradicate diabetes...and become a pro soccer player...for FC Barcelona
Mom and dad keep doing their part to keep him focused.

"We talk about real dreams versus fake dreams," says Jermaine. "Fake dreams are the ones you declare with your words. And we talk about real dreams are the ones that you actually spend most of your free time on, you know, outside of work or school. And so for example, if he goes home and he spends 3 hours playing x-box one night and he only spent an hour doing soccer practice, then guess what, his real dream that day was to be a video game player."

That kind of thinking will keep him moving at well, Max Speed.