Local Connection: Agriculture Goals

Local Connection: Agriculture

As part of his State of the State message, Governor Ige repeated once again his pledge to double local food production by 2020.

Sounds really nice, doesn't it?

But at the first hearing on the plan, the Director of Agriculture admitted that the state doesn't even know how many farmers we have or how much food is being grown and consumed here.

In other words – it's a goal with no way to measure if it is ever achieved.  If we don't know how much we are growing – we won't know if its doubled in three years.

We asked the agriculture director if the goal was realistic and he said it was an aspirational goal.

Whatever that means.

What it really means is what one legislator called it: A fake goal.

Could it be coincidence that many of the Governor's goals – including his goals on reducing homelessness, are for years after the next election?

If the goals are real, we should see benchmarks – as any business would use – to gauge progress along the way.  But that's unlikely because that would make it pretty clear before the election whether the Governor is doing what he promised.

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