Island Energy Services rebrands first Texaco station

Island Energy Services Rebrands First Texaco Station

You'll start to notice changes in some of the gas stations near you;  Island Energy Services has purchased the assets and refinery that used to be owned by Chevron.
That means that the Chevron stations will become Texaco stations.  The changes will be gradual; President & CEO Jon Mauer said the changes will happen to about 2 gas stations a month till they get them all under the Texaco name; they will start with the 6 stations that are run by Island Energy Services, learn from those experiences and continue to the changes to all of the stations through the state.
Some thing will stay the same; according to Island Energy Services' Al Chee; the same employees will still be there, the partnership with Safeway will continue and the Techron in the gasoline Chevron will still remain the same with Texaco.
The first gas station to change its name at Stadium Mall will have their Grand Opening this Saturday from 10-12noon.

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