Hawaii tailor shop that made suits for stars and governors to close

Hawaii tailor shop that made suits for stars and governors to close
(Image: Andy Mohan, Inc.)
(Image: Andy Mohan, Inc.)

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - For more than 50 years, the top tailor in Honolulu has been Andy Mohan, Inc.

Named after its founder, the shops made custom suits for five governors and clothed countless local celebrities.

And in a few months, the store will shut its doors for the last time.

Andy Mohan opened his first tailor shop in Downtown Honolulu in 1962 on Bishop Street.

And over the ensuing decades, he and his wife would clothe Honolulu's elite.

"Oh yes, entertainers, that was his passion. To design for all the entertainers," wife Alies Mohan said. "And you know, we used to go night time to fit them, because daytime they were too busy or sleeping."

And, of course, the couple made customs suits for Hawaii's governors.

"So Quinn, Ariyoshi, Waihee, Cayetano and Abercrombie. Yes, Abercrombie, he's hard to fit," Mohan said.

Andy Mohan died three years ago at 81, and Alies Mohan took over with the help of her longtime assistant and their tailor.

"More than employees, they're part of the family," Mohan said.

They downsized and moved to a smaller shop. And in a few short months, after 55 years in business, the store will close for good.

"It will be emotional," Mohan said. "Andy Mohan meant a lot to me. I will miss it a lot, this line, of the people. It's gonna be tough for me. I have to admit. But I have to be realistic to take time out, spend with the family because I'm not going to be here forever."

Mohan hasn't set a firm date for the closure, but said she is looking forward to the next phase of her life.

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