Dream Expert: Childhood trauma, jumping off the boat, ex-wife

Dream Expert: Childhood trauma, jumping off the boat, ex-wife

Our dream expert Paul Unkrur appeared on Sunrise to interpret some new dreams. Here's what the first dreamer said, "When I was a very small child, I would dream I was bouncing a red bouncy ball. And I would bounce it down my driveway. And right before it landed on my garage, um, my father would scream. A blood curdling scream and then my house would blow up. Um, so imagine that some early childhood trauma or something but just kinda wondering, curious about what that could possibly mean."

Paul said that it may have to do with a domineering parent that he has experienced in his past. He may have a hard time letting things go because he did, in fact, experience some childhood trauma.

Rosalind dreamed "I'm here here in Hawaii and I'm with a very good friend of mine and we're on a boat. (It's) A little clipper boat. We're on water. I don't know where. And I don't even know where we're headed or what the destination is. Um, but I'm very content to be with her on this journey. But part of the way there before we actually get to the shore, she says 'Oh, we have to jump off the boat. We have to swim the rest of the way.' and I'm just like but I can't really swim that well. But she says 'no, that's the only way we can do it.' So she jumps off. She gets into the water and she starts swimming. So I jump off. Go into the water as well and that's the end of the dream."

Paul believes that this is a sign of blind trust in the friend that Rosalind dreamed about. What a beautiful dream! He says sometimes you reach a point in your life where you just know that no matter what a friend tells you, you can believe it. It's also a sign that Rosalind is willing to relinquish control in some ways to this friend because they are worthy and everything worked out just fine.

Milton said that he often dreams about his ex-wife. "In one scenario, I am still so attracted to her and we become intimate in the dream. I love it but in real life I am happily married now with 3 children...The second scenario is that I am forced to live with my ex-wife and have to forfeit my happiness to be with her. It feels horrible - like the reasons I divorced her in the first place. I hate this dream. "

Paul said that it's common to dream about a former significant other. If it's a positive dream, there may be parts of that person you are missing or may not be experiencing in your current relationship. It can represent a time when you had fewer responsibilities and more time to devote to romance.

If you have a dream you would like to send to Paul, you can email your short video to paulunkrur@yahoo.com.

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