Local Connection: Fake News

Local Connection: Fake News

At Hawaii News Now we are proud to have the largest and most credible digital news operation in the state. Legitimate news sites like ours are more crucial than ever with the proliferation of what is called "Fake News".

What many people don't realize is that "Fake News" is not accidental.

There is an industry that has developed around lies clever combinations of real facts and complete fantasy posted on phony sites disguised as real news organizations.  The more outrageous the story – the more money the sites make from advertising.  So fake news is not a political tactic – it's a business.

And it is doing a lot of damage.

During this election, many people believed and shared salacious fake news stories about the candidates.  Debunking them became a major distraction for the campaigns. The words "Fake News" are also being used to unfairly discredit true news stories that report things politicians don't like.

While most people already know that they can't believe everything on the internet, citizens need to be skeptical and realize that by sharing news that is probably false, they are literally spreading lies and financing something that is damaging to our country.

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