Safeway sushi vendor cited for 'camouflaging' yellow food safety placard

Safeway sushi vendor cited for 'camouflaging' yellow food safety placard

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A Honolulu sushi vendor has been cited for "intentionally camouflaging" a yellow food safety placard, the Health Department said.

AFC Sushi at Safeway in Kapahulu was issued a conditional pass placard earlier this month after inspectors found three major food safety violations.

The vendor was subsequently fined $6,000 for not posting the placard in public view.

AFC Sushi was issued a conditional pass placard on Jan. 19, after inspectors found the business did not have proper hot hold and cold holding temperatures for food, and failed to properly label items that needed to be thrown away, the health department said.

A health inspector who visited on Monday found that the eatery had taken off the placard, turned it around and re-posted it.

"Tampering with a health inspection placard is a serious violation with substantial consequences because this act compromises the public's trust and their right to know when violations occur during an inspection," said Peter Oshiro, state environmental health program manager, in a news release.

He added that such events are rare. Of 14,500 inspections completed, the state has only had four incidents of improperly displayed placards.

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